Our Team

we are most proud of the team we have built

People don’t work for businesses, people work for people. At MiddleGround, we are creating a culture that relies on participative management to empower and motivate each other. We want a team that is motivated to make the best decisions and that means everyone having the flexibility to participate based on their capability, not their title. We think it works pretty well.

What Our Companies Say About Our Team

“MiddleGround invests in its companies by spending time with their people. The team’s many years of manufacturing experience, hands-on approach, and respectful attitude set MiddleGround apart as excellent operators.”

Greg Taylor,
Independent Board Member,

“MiddleGround works side by side with its portfolio companies on the shop floor all the way up to the board. I have spent 30 years of my career in finance and operations and must say that MiddleGround’s rare ability to successfully execute on both fronts truly stands out.”

Mike Putz,
Peterson Spring