Greg Haddix – MiddleGround Capital

Greg Haddix

Vice President

    Greg is a Vice President on the Operating Team based in Lexington. Greg studied Engineering and Mechanical Drafting in college before attending the University of Kentucky where he completed the Lean Systems Technology program. Like others on our team, Greg began his career as a line worker for Toyota Motor Corporation at their facility in Georgetown, Ky. Greg worked for Toyota for 30 years before joining MiddleGround in April of 2019.

    Greg is a prolific story teller (maybe the real reason he was hired) from Eastern Kentucky. Many people outside of Kentucky don’t know that Kentucky is really three different states rolled into one (Eastern Kentucky, Lexington, and everything else). Eastern Kentucky is famous for moonshine, Bigfoot sightings (ask Greg about that one), the television show Justified, and coal mining. Fortunately, Greg has experience with all of these. In his spare time Greg enjoys keeping Breathitt County hydrated at the store he runs with his wife, Indian Hollow Liquors.

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