Hayden is an intern on our Operating Team and is based in Lexington. Hayden joined us in May of 2020 during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic while still working on his Finance and Management degree at the University of Kentucky. After graduation, Hayden plans to join us on the Operating Team as an Analyst.

Like every Lexington employee (yes, it is a requirement), Hayden has a love for University of Kentucky basketball and, pending his grades in his final semester, will fulfill his family legacy by becoming the 4th generation to graduate from UK. Since joining the firm, Hayden has become a regular fixture around the office. John and Scot thought it was great to see a young person dedicated to the firm … until they found out he was actually doing his homework in the office because he could get free lunch and all the snacks he wanted. Hayden enjoys playing golf with Tyler and Yuji. He is looking forward to being hired full time so he can stop letting them win.

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